It's an impossible world

Brexit, Tr*mp, pandemic, war, cost of living crisis, financial collapse.

You don't have to look far to see the world is a weird place at the moment. Close-to things seem to be changing in unexpected ways and little is certain for anyone. We should get used to being surprised.

In fact, probably, psychologically, being surprised that you are surprised is very stressful. Accept the reality that the world is rapidly changing, don't catastrophise, filter out the good news, waste your life trying to blame someone, anyone, everyone. Don't waste time rewriting history.

Focus on the things you can change: mostly yourself.

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There Are
Four Ways To Heal

by Steve Bonham

There are four ways to heal,
Each as old as time itself.
Four ways to mend
How we think and feel
And unlock the door
To a happier self.

The first is to be still,
Silent as the mirrored lake
Over which a moon suspends
And its ancient light distils
That of which we may be sure
In that moment that we take.

The second is to sing,
Full throated and sublime.
Sing alone or with a friend
The notes that nature brings
That rise from the heart and core
And with your soul can rhyme.

And then there is to dance.
Break free from hidden chains
That seek to bind and bend.
Take the beat and chance,
The kiss of Terpsichore
And let it all go round again.

Finally, tell a tale,
on the edge of a fading day.
Long or short, tell it to the end.
It's a transport minus wind or sail
To the spell of a better shore,
And the easing of the way.

There are four ways to heal,
Each as old as time itself.
Four ways to mend
How we think and feel
And unlock the door
To a happier self.

There Are Four Ways To Heal

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Lyrics by Steve Bonham. Music by Steve Bonham and Christopher Lydon.


"Nobody Told Us" is a song about just how strange and weird our world is. In particular, the untruths, fibs and just plain lies that wrap themselves around us every day. Let yourself go in a mad dance of protest!

Nobody told us we'd end up living like this
We can't help thinking somebody was taking the piss
All those promises that didn't see the light of day
We can't help thinking, there's gotta be a better way

Nobody noticed when the roof fell out of the sky
Nobody noticed when the man told a big fat lie
So why do you want me to tip my hat and take your advice?
Why do you want me to keep on keeping on, and not pay the price?

It's a bad, sad, world when the cheating starts
‘Tis a mad, mad, world that tears us apart
It's a long hard day when it's understood
All the good trees got lost in the woods
You and I fading away, waiting around for Judgement Day
You and I, afraid of the blue
Wondering what the hell we are gonna do

Somebody saw it, but nobody said a word
Nobody called it and not nobody was heard
Everybody argues, and everybody’s looking to run
Nobody matters, so somebody thinks they have won

I’ve been thinking, the world is quickly shrinking
All the boats are sinking, all the dudes are drinking
The swamp is filling quick, the country’s falling sick
When I think of it, what else rhymes with prick?


How certain are you that:

  • you will be doing exactly the same thing work-wise next year?
  • that you will feel the same about the world as you do now?
  • nothing more dramatic or unforeseen (like the pandemic, political upheaval, job security) will have happened?
  • all the important relationships in your life won't have changed?
  • you will feel the same about things as you do now?