The Wisdom of the Road

How do you take our life journey through a weird world to be yourself? Your resilient, resourceful, wholeself?

By following the Wisdom of the Road - five paradoxical rules! - we can set ourselves free.

Following them enables you to much better attain the important goals of your life, deal with the inevitability of some of those goals not being achieved, but - best of all - open yourself up to see and take the unexpected, magical opportunities that will constantly arise.

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The Wisdom of the Road

by Steve Bonham

I am the Jack in the Green.
Nasreddin and the trick of the light.
The rolling stone and the slow remembering tide.
I am the vagabond standing at the crossroads.
I am the days that I have taken,
And the days that I have lost.
From all, I have gathered, as a harvest of the years,
In the extraordinary stories of ordinary folk,
The wisdom of the road.

Be wild.
Breathe in the air, open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to what is there in the timeless moment that awaits.

Be strong.
Stand straight, centred on the truth, the only truth which is your authenticity.

Be experimental.
Embrace the offer unseen, the undeclared. Unfold into the possibility of yourself.

Travel with companions.
Drink deep of the love of those that see you, who offer the true gift of friendship which is unbound.

Take the first step...
Across the threshold into the borderlands, onto the wide-open trail.

The Wisdom of the Road

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Five Rules for the Road

Over the years of my travelling, I have developed five pieces of wisdom (‘rules’) gathered from the conversations and time spent with all the people I have met. This is what I have sensed is going on for those who are without riches, power and fame yet are content! What is spooky about this is that each day more and more scientific evidence from psychology, neurobiology and other studies back them up. I truly believe now these represent timeless insights into achieving a better life.

The rules are:

Be wild - work to see what is really there, within and without you.

Be strong - discover and build the strengths through which you can embrace uncertainty.

Be experimental - confront life not as a grand strategic plan executed over a number of years, but as a series of experiments through which you can learn and adjust to what works for you engaging your whole self.

Travel with companions - build and sustain relationships with those who will love you enough to tell you the truth and support you.

Take the first step - do not procrastinate, start today on the road that calls you, even if it is a small step.

Movements for the Five Rules of the Road

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Lyrics by Steve Bonham. Music by Steve Bonham and Christopher Lydon.


"Rise" is an attempt to write an 'anthem for liberation' from stress, burnout and frustration - and invitation to you to take the first step!

In times like these, when the smoke of the night
Takes a while to clear, until you can see the light
And all the colours run in the tears of the morning sun, and rise
Over a lonely little town, like an antique eiderdown
Which seems to have sadly frayed, with no hope of being saved

In times like these, when we don't know what to do
When even small things fall apart, and the train just passes through
Tired of the same old lies, as truth wear’s her disguise again
Running along on empty, in the land of plenty
Feeling it's now or never, to steal a chance whenever

Together we are strong, together we can breathe
Unfold from all our history and sail the seven seas
Get a little wild, become more reconciled
Together we can rise! Together we can rise!

In times like these, when the questions turn to dust
Where there once was gold, now there's only rust
Where the ghosts of the fall can't make the time to call on you
You and I were lovers, now we’re real good friends
Don't you run for cover, I'll love you till the end